• Jansewa Panchmukhi Ambulance: Patient Transportation with ICU Setup Ambulance Service in Ranchi

    Jansewa Panchmukhi is the best person to get immediate relocation for patient transportation. We have all the amenities here. The road ambulance service is wide and available at your nearby location to transport the patient at any time. We are the service provider for the emergency and non –emergency cases and are now shifting the patient to all conditions. We are the solution giver and provide all the amenities in serious condition.


  • The Jansewa Panchmukhi ambulance service in Ranchi: shift patient immediately

    The fast relocation with safety and all treatment facilities are its specialty and Jansewa Panchmukhi gives you all the required paraphernalia which is very important for patient care during journey hour in Ambulance Service in Ranchi. We have an expert medical team and provide all the required treatment and care during journey hours. The medical team has specialist doctors, nurses, paramedics, and all who care for the patient until the journey hour. We have entire medical solutions for patient transportation.


  • ICU Ambulance Service in Patel Nagar, Ranchi by Jansewa


    Jansewa ICU Setup Road Ambulance serves people from highly skilled professional doctors, paramedical experts, technicians, female nurses, and other medical staff to the patients. Jansewa Ambulance service in Patel Nagar has an open option to avail the service via online booking or offline via IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT at a very affordable cost




  • It is the eventual cradle of transportation for patients in a local hospital or adjacent to another city in Patel Nagar and shifts patients to any hospital with the bed to bed service.
    We will transfer the patients and relocate as per the request sought from the client and guest round the clock 24x7. The trained and highly skilled doctor takes proper care of the patients and all the medical assistance required for the patients and such services as required facilitate from us on least charges. Safe and quick transportation is given to the patient irrespective of all dreadful conditions from Ambulance Service in Pithiyatil to Patel Nagar. We always avail and shift patients from one location to another with the best medical emergency ICU, CCU, PICU, NICU facility.



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